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Yes! We gladly accept new and used 1911 trade-ins when looking to purchase a new 1911 from Texas Patriot Arms.

We accept trade-ins from Ed Brown, Wilson Combat, Nighthawk Custom, Les Baer, Guncrafter Industries, Colt Series 70, - you get the idea!  If it's not on this list, contact us anyway, we may be very interested! 

To consider your trade-in, it is best to email us at and provide the following information:

  • Year, Make and Model of your trade in
  • The history of your gun (how long you've had it, are you the original owner, condition, any particular blemishes etc.)  PLEASE be as honest about your gun as you can be.  
  • What's included (original case, papers, test targets, etc.) The more detailed you are the more accurate your estimated value will be!
  • Pictures of your 1911.  Again the more detailed the pictures, the more accurate your estimate will be.
  • The New 1911 you are looking to trade towards

If it's something that we feel we can re-sell, we will get back to you with an estimated trade-in value.  If a deal is struck, then your 1911 will be shipped to us to verify that the condition matches what you sent in your email and to confirm the estimated trade-in value.  If everything checks out we will let you know and once the remaining balance on your new 1911 is paid, your new pistol will ship out to your FFL.  We accept all major credit cards at no surcharge, certified checks, USPS money orders etc.

Really, it's just that easy!